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AdPro Is Now Prosci Canada

Change is constant, even for change management organizations.

Hi, my name is Kirk Sievert and I’m the President of Prosci Canada, formerly AdPro Change Systems Inc.  All of us at Prosci Canada are very excited about our name change and closer association with Prosci. For the past seven years our singular focus has been providing Prosci programs, materials and advisory services to the Canadian market as the Canadian Prosci Affiliate. Through this merger, we are now becoming part of the Prosci family.

For Change Managers and Client organizations it means the availability of a broader array of Prosci programs and the introduction of more support services. This will be especially beneficial to individuals building their careers as Change Management Professionals and organizations seeking to build a competency in change management and Prosci’s methods and tools.

Just as important as what is changing, is what is not changing. Prosci Canada will continue to be headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia with the same great (and expanding) team of Executive Instructors spread across the country. Prosci Canada will continue to provide coast-to-coast-to-coast Public Certification Programs open to all individuals and small teams as well as offering our family of onsite programs to organizations. And, Prosci Canada will continue to be committed to the highest quality of personalized service and world class learning experiences that powered our successful growth as AdPro.

Like many changes that you and your teams are experiencing, our change feels somewhat bittersweet. All of us are extremely proud of what we accomplished under the AdPro name and the relationships we built as a small independent organization. At the same time we are equally excited about becoming part of a world-leading organization and bringing a greater portfolio of services and programs to the Canadian and Caribbean markets.

For more information or to answer any questions you might have, please give me a call at 1-902-826-9020 and follow the link below to hear Allison Seabeck, President of Prosci Inc. talk about the merger.

Here’s to an exciting future together.




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