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Prosci Canada offers a number of Enterprise Change Management programs.

Upcoming ECM Boot Camp Programs

Full Schedule of ECM Boot Camp Programs

ECM Boot Camp

The ECM Boot Camp is an interactive workshop in which you learn the tools and begin building a framework to get your organization on the road to enterprise change management (ECM) and creating greater competency and capacity for organizational change.

Prosci ® Change Management Maturity Model™ Audit

Prosci’s Change Management Maturity Model Audit is a web-based application for analyzing the current state of your organization’s maturity in change management. The resulting CMMM Audit analysis, enables you to effectively and accurately present your organization’s state of change management and focuses your efforts towards building targeted plans for institutionalizing change management processes, capabilities and competencies.

The CMMM Audit guides you in the evaluation of five Capability Areas by examining 50 different factors on five different levels of maturity.

The tool not only enables you to determine your overall score, broken down into the areas of capability, but it focuses your attention on the areas of weakness requiring your greatest attention.

A three month CMMM Audit tool subscription is included with the ECM Boot Camp materials. You can also purchase an additional subscription after this subscription is complete.

ECM Roadmap

Prosci ® ECM Roadmap - web-based tool

Prosci’s ECM Roadmap is a web-based application designed to guide you in deploying “Project ECM” to build enterprise competencies and capabilities in change management. This online tool helps you create your strategy, tactics and a set of plans for moving from your current level of maturity to a higher level of organizational maturity in change management.

Why Prosci fits for Enterprise Change Management

Many methodologies for change management exist, from which you can choose an organizational standard. Perhaps you are even contemplating your own proprietary approach. Call us first. The Prosci Change Management Methodology is uniquely designed for an organizational deployment. Let one of our Directors of Business Development and or our Executive Instructors answer your questions or show you the advantages of the Prosci approach.