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Prosci Canada Onsite Change Management Programs

The Prosci Canada Advantage

As the only Prosci Primary Affiliate in North America, Prosci Canada has the only faculty of seasoned executive instructors who regularly teach Prosci Certification programs at public venues throughout Canada and the Caribbean. Through our “ON-SITE” program, you can have those same public program Prosci Canada Executive Instructors provide a full compliment of Prosci change management training programs, customized to your organization, anywhere in North America and the Caribbean.

Founded by a former member of the Prosci Research Team and long time executive instructor of hundreds of Prosci programs around the world, Prosci Canada is exclusively focused on helping individuals and organizations build a competency in change management, using the Prosci methods and tools.

Our premier onsite programs give organizations the freedom to schedule programs at a time and location convenient to them.

3 Day Prosci Change Management Certification Program

The 3 - day certification program is the same great Prosci Certification Program offered at resort venues across the country, with the same great seasoned executive instructors, in a customized version for your organization. This program is an intensive immersion into the Prosci research, methodology and tools as participants begin to build actual change management plans and gain certification in the Prosci methodology.

1 Day Prosci Managers Program

The Prosci Managers Program is a penetrating 1-day workshop that builds an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of managers and supervisors as “coaches of change” and provides them with the tools to lead their teams’ through change. Offered only as a client on-site program, it is customized to enable participants to develop actual change management action plans for their team as they do a deep dive into the Prosci research, methodology and tools associated with their roles in the change process.

Half Day Prosci Sponsor Briefing

This intense 4-6 hour session facilitated by Prosci Canada executives, for your executives, is “hands-on”, using your organization’s major change initiatives as leaders complete assessments and begin to create a portfolio view of change within the organization. It also features a high level review of the Prosci methodology, research and the ROI of change management. Then it plunges into a deep dive on the role of executives during change as it fosters executive commitment and alignment to the need for change management.

1 Day Prosci Canada Employee Orientation

Prosci’s Best Practices in Change Management research indicates that a key obstacle to success of major change projects is employee resistance and the ineffective management of the people side of change. Employees resist change when they lack the awareness of why change is happening and what is in it for them? Employees also demonstrate resistance when the uncertainty around change is high, which stems from a lack of involvement in the change process.

Delivering Project Results (DPR) for Project Managers

Jack Welch has been quoted as saying the formula for success is Q x A = E. In other words the technical quality of the project times organizational acceptance equals effectiveness. This program was designed to bridge the gap between the work of Change Management Practitioners and the language and process of Project Management professionals. It is a role-based training program for the Project Teams and Project Support Functions.

1 - 3 Day Customized Workshops for site licensed organizations

This session facilitated by Prosci Canada’s executives and features an in depth review of the Prosci methodology, research and the ROI of change management.
With more than 20 years of combined Prosci Executive Instructor experience, Prosci Canada can and has built a variety of fully customized training workshops for site licensed clients. For further details on how we design programs to meet your specific requirements.