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1 Day Prosci Managers Program

The Prosci Managers Program is a penetrating 1-day workshop that builds an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of managers and supervisors as “coaches of change” and provides them with the tools to lead their teams’ through change. Offered only as a client on-site program, it is customized to enable participants to develop actual change management action plans for their team as they do a deep dive into the Prosci research, methodology and tools associated with their roles in the change process.

Program Overview

Managers and supervisors play a key role in managing the people side of change. However, they often lack the awareness of the importance of their role in the change process.

Prosci’s Best Practices in Change Management research emphasizes the need for managers and supervisors to play an active role during change. It suggests that a successful transformation requires managers and supervisors to perform 5 key roles:

  • Communicator
  • Advocate
  • Coach
  • Liaison
  • Resistance manager

Interestingly however, research also notes that far from being actively involved managers and supervisors are likely to be most resistant to change. In fact, they often lack the awareness of the importance of their role.

Prosci Canada's Change Management Coaching Program enables organizations to directly involve the managers and supervisors into the change process by:

  • Building an awareness of their roles & responsibilities; and
  • Creating an accountability for managing the people side of change.

The program is designed for managers and supervisors that are managing change on a particular project and have direct reports that are impacted by change. The program enables the managers & supervisors to go beyond training and communication efforts, a default recourse typically undertaken by organizations during change, to adopt a more holistic approach that includes hands-on coaching & effective resistance management. The program addresses mental blocks held by managers & supervisors that change management as too time-consuming and not their real job, by drawing upon best practices research that connect change management to achieving better business results faster.

During the program, the participants utilize:

  • Prosci’s Change Management Process
  • Best Practices in Change Management Report - 2016 Edition
  • ADKAR® Model

The participants apply several tools and assessments to real change projects and create a customized coaching plan for their direct reports. The participants review the analysis for change projects within their organization to assess how well the organizational initiatives are positioned for success and prepare an action plan for their own change project to be implemented upon immediately returning to work.

Program Outcomes

The program enables the managers and the supervisors to:

  • Build an overall understanding of Prosci’s Change Management Process
  • Develop clarity and depth on their role as coaches
  • Utilize best practices research based knowledge on effective coaching and managing resistance
  • Gain an expertise in applying the ADKAR® Model, a valuable tool for understanding and managing change
  • Recognize the role of sponsors and how best to leverage sponsor support
  • Apply various Prosci tools and assessments for managing change
  • Learn to position their change projects for success

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