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Prosci Canada’s Coach the Trainer Program

Building an organizational competency in change management involves more than just training. Additional key elements include “standards of practice” to guide the use of change management; selecting a “common language and set of tools” to promote organizational uniformity and ease of use; structure, to determine “executive sponsorship”; and formalized accountability to ensure the shared responsibility is measured and rewarded at all levels appropriately. So although training isn’t the only decision and action, it too forms an important component in building a change management competency.

Program Overview

The Coach-the-Trainer (CTT) program is designed to empower the participant(s) to facilitate Prosci’s 1-Day Change Management Coaching Program for Managers and Supervisors; and, Prosci’s 1-Day Change Management Orientation for Employees program.  Prosci Canada's Executive Instructors have played a key role in the development of this program and their expertise and experience is shared to assist new facilitators in delivering this material.

Program Outline

The coach-the-trainer program is comprised of four parts. 

Part 1Prerequisites:  Attend the 3-Day Certification Program and the 1-Day Manager’s Program.  We offer a 2 Day Coach the Trainer Program for participants who have not yet completed the 1 Day Manager Program.  Please contact head office for full details.  
See Appendix A for Details on the 1 Day Change Mangement Program for Managers and Supervisors.

Part 2Pre-work

Part 3 CTT Program

The following additional items will be covered during the CTT session with the instructor.

  • Copyright – the “dos” and “don’ts” in terms of reproducing materials, class handouts, courseware, etc.
  • Licenses – training materials CANNOT be reproduced without a site license from Prosci. For site license pricing call Mike Davis at the Colorado office; (970) 203-9332.
  • A site license is NOT required to provide in-house training in the Prosci Manager or Employee programs PROVIDING you purchase the materials directly from Prosci or their affiliate, Prosci Canada.
  • When ordering a class set of materials, you will receive an electronic version of the program slide deck for facilitation purposes.


Part 4 – Program Follow up:  It is preferable that a date be set for the trainers to deliver their programs fairly soon after the completion of the CTT program.  The instructor will be available to set up Pre – and Post-Delivery Coaching Calls.

Request Information

For more information regarding this program or any other Prosci Canada program/advisory service, please contact us:

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