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Prosci Change Management Employee Orientation

Using the Prosci ADKAR® Model, this one-day program empowers front-line employees with the framework and skills to lead themselves through change.

Program Overview

Prosci’s Change Management Employee Orientation Program is a 6 – 7 hour workshop designed for front-line employees who are directly impacted by a current change.  Offered as a client on-site program, it introduces employees to key change management concepts, Prosci’s Change Management Process and tools. This enables employees to gain a feeling of control over the change management process and fosters their commitment and alignment to the need for ongoing change.

Specifically, the program enables the employees

  • To identify their concerns about the change,
  • To effectively surface these concerns, and,
  • To successfully engage their managers and supervisors about their concerns.

By engaging the employees in the above, the program aids the managers and the supervisors with the employee perspective (captured on flipcharts and worksheets during the workshop) and enables them

  • To build their awareness of the specific employee barriers to change and
  • To effectively facilitate and manage their employees through change.

During the program participants utilize:

  • Prosci’s Change Management Process
  • The Employee Orientation to Change Workbook and the
  • ADKAR® Model

Through series of group discussions and break out exercises employees assess and evaluate past and the current changes to uncover 5 keys to a successful change. They apply the ADKAR®  Model to better understand the people side of change process to discover their own barriers or concerns with a current change. They develop action plans regarding how they plan to address their barriers to change and outline steps needed to engage in the current change.

Program Outcomes

To summarize, the program enables the employees to

  • Gain a feeling of control over the current change and the change process
  • Learn to apply the ADKAR® Model to surface their concerns
  • Understand how to engage the management team successfully on their concerns
  • Take ownership and accountability of their own success with the change

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