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Half Day Prosci Sponsor Briefing

This intense 4-6 hour session facilitated by Prosci Canada executives, for your executives, is “hands-on”, using your organization’s major change initiatives as leaders complete assessments and begin to create a portfolio view of change within the organization. It also features a high level review of the Prosci methodology, research and the ROI of change management. Then it plunges into a deep dive on the role of executives during change as it fosters executive commitment and alignment to the need for change management.

Program Overview

Executives play one of the most significant roles in leading their organization through change. Prosci’s best practices research spanning more than two decades, involving over 4520 change agents globally, consistently reports that executive sponsorship is the greatest contributor to success of a change initiative.

Interestingly however, research also suggests that a majority of leaders do not have a clear, adequate understanding of what effective sponsorship means.

Prosci Canada's Half Day Sponsor Briefing enables the executives to step up to their role as a sponsor. The program is designed to equip the senior leaders to:

  • Position their projects for strategic success
  • Position themselves for sponsorship success
  • Position their organization for change success

The program is designed for executives that are initiating or leading change within their organizations and for those seeking to build an internal change management competency. During the program, the participants utilize:

  • Prosci’s Change Management Process Best Practices in Change Management Report (2016)
  • ADKAR® Model

The executives apply various tools andassessments pertaining to sponsorship accountability and examine in detail parts of Best Practices Research that relate to effective sponsorship. The executives review the analysis on real change projects within their organization which enables them to assess not only their organization’s level of competence with managing change but also how well their organizational initiatives are positioned for success.

Program Outcomes

The program enables the executives and the senior leaders to-

  • Build an overall understanding of Prosci’s Change Management Process
  • Gain clarity and depth on their role as sponsors
  • Utilize best practices research based knowledge on effective sponsorship
  • Learn to position their change projects for success
  • Develop an expertise in applying the ADKAR® Model, a valuable tool for understanding and managing change
  • Respond effectively to the needs of Project and Change Management team
  • Evolve an appreciation of the strategic role of change management through a portfolio analysis of multiple changes within their organization

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