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Delivering Project Results (DPR) for Project Managers

Jack Welch has been quoted as saying the formula for success is Q x A = E. In other words the technical quality of the project times organizational acceptance equals effectiveness. This program was designed to bridge the gap between the work of Change Management Practitioners and the language and process of Project Management professionals. It is a role-based training program for the Project Teams and Project Support Functions.

Program Overview

Through this five-hour workshop, participants will define success by identifying their project objectives and benefits through discussion and in-class assignments. They will also identify impacted employee groups and use the Prosci Change Management Blueprint to map change management work to their project’s life cycle.

The goals and objectives of this program include:

• Finding the common language of project and change management
• Building the “Unified Value Proposition” that illustrates the added strength of an integrated approach to benefits realization
• Engaging team members in development of CM deliverables
• Ensure the inclusion of adoption and usage indicators at project inception.



Program Outcomes

During the five-hour Change Management Workshop for Project Managers and Teams, participants will:

• Connect employee adoption and usage to your project's results and outcomes
• Learn to identify when their project needs change management resourcing
• Understand how change management drives better adoption and usage
• Effectively identify groups most impacted by the planned change
• Create a common framework for integrating project and change management resources/practitioners, processes and tools
• Make real progress with designing their own project/change management blueprint/plan

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