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Prosci Change Management Methodology Overview

Prosci's change management methodology is developed based on research with over 4,500 change agents worldwide over the last twenty years. What is unique about the methodology is that it comes from real project leaders and teams reflecting on what worked, what did not and what they would do differently on their next project.

At its core, Prosci's methodology is the collective lessons learned by those implementing change across the globe. Based on this research, Prosci has developed a methodology that is holistic and easy to use. The resulting process, tools and assessments have been developed with one goal in mind: that you can put them to use on your projects while building your (and your organization's) own internal change management skill set.

The 3-Phase Process: a Structure for Organizational Change

Prosci's organizational change management process was first introduced in 2002 after the third change management benchmarking study. This process is built in three phases that a project or change manager can work through for the changes and initiatives they are supporting. The methodology includes research-based assessments and templates to support each phase, as well as guidance for completing each step most effectively.


  1. Preparing for change

    The first phase in Prosci's methodology helps change and project teams prepare for designing their change management plans. It answers these questions:
    • "How much change management does this project need?"
    • “Who is impacted by this initiative and in what ways?”
    • “Who are the sponsors we need to be involved to make this initiative successful?”
  2. Managing change

    The second phase focuses on creating plans that will integrate with the project plan. These change management plans articulate the steps that you can take to support the individual people being impacted by the project. This is what people typically think of when they talk about change management. Based on Prosci's research, there are five plans that support help individuals moving through the ADKAR Model:
    • Communication Plan
    • Sponsor Roadmap
    • Training Plan
    • Coaching Plan
    • Resistance Management Plan
  3. Reinforcing change

    Equally critical but most often overlooked, the third phase helps you create specific action plans for ensuring that the change is sustained. In this phase, project and change teams develop measures and mechanisms to measure how well the change is taking hold, to the see if employees are actually doing their jobs the new way, to identify and correct gaps and to celebrate success


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