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Prosci 3-Day Change Management Certification

The Prosci Certification Program is an intensive 3-day in-residence program leading to certification in the Prosci methodology and tools. Offered from coast-to-coast, public program registration is open to all individuals and small teams.

Program Highlights.....

This program provides the participants with the skills required to manage current and future change projects within the participants’ organizations.

By the end of the program, participants are able to:

  • Apply Prosci’s change management assessments, tools and methodology to a change project.
  • Build a customized change management strategy and set of plans based on the change characteristics and organizational readiness assessments.
  • Use the ADKAR® model as a diagnostic tool, a lens to focus attention and a measurement tool to gauge progress.
  • Use 1 Year subscription to Prosci Practitioners eToolkit, the online toolset containing all Prosci templates, assessment and tools which is governed by their single user license which is included with this program.
  • Utilize Prosci's best practices research based on more than 4500 change agents globally, in managing their change
  • ‘Hit the ground running’ with a first iteration of a change management plan for their live project.

Work on Real Change Project...While Getting Certified in the Prosci Methodology

The participants work with their team members on a real change project and create their change management plans utilizing:

  • Prosci’s Change Management Process
  • ADKAR® Model
  • Best Practices in Change Management Research Report - 2016 Edition
  • Prosci Change Management Toolkit and Impact Index Analyzer
  • 1 Year subscription to Prosci Practitioners eTOOLKIT, containing assessments, worksheets, templates, models and graphics required for change management planning.
  • Three books -  ADKAR®; Change Management – The People Side of Change; and An Employees Survival Guide to Change

The program, conducted by seasoned executives with years of industry experience and business acumen, is designed as an interactive, hands-on learning experience involving:

  • Group break-out activities with follow-up presentations/debrief sessions by each group to reflect and reinforce their grasp of the material
  • In-program executive presentations of the developing CM strategy with an opportunity for feedback
  • Pop-quizzes, Q&A sessions, and in-class exercises to enable participants to revisit the core concepts and apply what they learn
  • One on one sounding board/advice time with the executive instructor

The ADKAR® Model

The ADKAR® model is a valuable framework for understanding and managing change at an individual level. The model suggests that establishing the five key building blocks of change -­‐ Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement, can bring about successful change. When these five building blocks are present, change happens. The model provides the foundation for building change at the organizational level.

The ADKAR® model is a versatile tool that can be used as:

  • A Planning Tool that ensures that the five key elements have been built into the change management plans
  • A Coaching Tool that enables managers and supervisors to focus on the elements to be built with employees during various stages of change
  • An Assessment Tool that promotes conversations when engaged on one-­on­‐one basis, or used as a survey to zero-­‐in on the barriers to change, identify gaps and inform action

Total Cost

Varies by venue but includes: Tuition + Accommodation & Meeting Package*

(* Many years of participant feedback has confirmed that the learning experience is greatly enhanced by the residential nature of the program. Being onsite with other students creates an environment free from the day-to-day requirements and distractions of your busy career and allows you to become immersed in the course materials, to grow new competencies and to achieve certification in an intensive 3 day learning experience.)


Program Tuition Includes:

  • All instruction, single user license
  • Best Practise Benchmarking Report - 2016 Edition
  • Four books on change management
  • 1 Year subscription to Prosci Practitioners eTOOLKIT.


Meetings and Accommodation Package (Package Cost will vary by Date and Venue)

  • Each accommodations package includes 3 nights accommodations, all meals and snacks, meeting spaces, activities, taxes and gratuities

Please see Full Program Schedule for all program dates and applicable pricing.

Multiple Person Discount

To encourage multiple participants on the same change project we offer a $300.00 discount for additional participant(s) working on the same project.  Additional members on the same team leads to an enhanced learning experience for the participant and the quality of the real work product is superior. 


Accommodation Package

The Public Certification Program is an intensive three-day immersion in change management that requires participation in evening sessions and activities as part of the over all learning experience. As such, all Prosci Public Certification Programs require participants to stay at the designated venue. Every effort has been made to identify and negotiate the best value package for the learning experience.

Who Should Attend...

The program is designed for individuals and teams responsible for managing change on a specific project and for those seeking to build an internal change management competency within their organization. These include:

Change Managers   | IT Specialists | Change Management Team
Process Improvement Specialists | Change Sponsors & Executives
Human Resource Professionals | Project Managers & Sponsors
OD Specialists | Project Teams | Trainers
Program Managers | Consultants

Additional Benefits...

Prosci Canada's 3-Day Prosci Change Management Certification Program is an intensive immersion into the Prosci research, methodology and tools as participants begin to build actual change management plans and gain certification in the Prosci methodology.

  • Program Graduates are certified in the Prosci Change Management Process
  • 23 Instructional hours from The Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP)
  • 24 PDUs from the Project Management Institute (PMI)



You or your organization may be eligible for funding under the Canada Job Grant.

For information on the Canada Job Grant program which is designed to provide shared funding to private sector organizations and individuals seeking to grow their Change Management skills visit this link.

We would be pleased to provide details to help complete any forms required.  Just give us a call or email us for more information.


Prosci Certification is offered through these public programs across North America as well as through client on-site programs.

For more information regarding Prosci Canada programs or advisory services:

Phone: 1-888-822-3776 (toll-free) or 1-902-826-9020


Cancellation Policy for Public Programs

Tuition is fully refundable up to 30 calendar days before the program start date (less any credit card processing/merchant fees if applicable) or can be transfered to future session date. Within 15 to 30 calendar days of the program start date, tuition is nonrefundable and 75% can be transferred to a subsequent session (25% change fee). Within 14 calendar days of the program start date, tuition is nonrefundable and 50% can be transferred to a subsequent session (50% change fee). All cancellation/transfer requests must be received in writing (send email to

The Accommodations Package cancellation will vary according to venue.  Please contact the office for further details.