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Oct 28 - Oct 28, 2016

ECM Boot Camp Program

$999 + Tax

ECM Boot Camp Program

The ECM Boot Camp is an interactive workshop in which you learn the tools and begin building a framework to get your organization on the road to enterprise change management (ECM) and creating greater competency and capacity for organizational change. Using Prosci’s ECM research, assessments and tools you will create a case for enterprise change management and define the strategy and tactics your organization will use in the deployment of Project ECM. In this program you will also benefit from the experience of Prosci Canada's Executive Instructors, fellow professionals and hundreds of research participants.

A common pitfall encountered by organizations attempting to build enterprise wide change management competency and capabilities, is a failure to manage the “institutionalizing of change management” as a project and a change. The ECM Boot Camp is designed to help your organization build a framework for “Project ECM” and avoid the common pitfalls that have prevented other organizations from realizing the benefits of great change management as a core competency across the organization.

In this workshop you will receive, learn and begin working with Prosci’s new ECM tools, including; the CMMM Audit tool to assess the current level of your organization’s maturity in the use of CM tools and methods; Prosci’s ECM Roadmap application as you begin to create the vision, strategy and tactics for your project and change management approaches to your Project ECM; and ECM research to help focus your efforts on the most effective approaches.

Who Should Attend ECM Boot Camp

The workshop is designed for leaders and change management professionals who are charged with the responsibility for, or are interested in, building their organization’s (or their client’s) change management competency and capability on an enterprise wide basis.

To be most effective, you should attend the ECM Boot Camp with a small team from your organization with whom you can collaborate on the activities, tools and building out your framework.

Certification in the Prosci methodology is strongly recommended.


The ECM Boot Camp covers three main topics:

1) Overview of Enterprise Change Management

  • Foundation
  • Why change management?
  • Why Enterprise Change Management?
  • The executive pitch / business case for ECM

2) Prosci Change Management Maturity Model™ Audit

  • Change Management Maturity Model
  • Capability Areas assessment
  • Using Prosci’s new online audit tool for your organization

3) Project ECM

  • The Current State of change management
  • The Future State of Enterprise Change Manage
  • The Transition State, technical solution for institutionalizing
  • The Transition State, people side plans for building buy-in and support
  • Managing Project ECM as a project
  • Best practice research findings


Upon completion of the workshop, you will have:

  • Created a business case / value proposition for institutionalizing change management
  • Assessed your current level of change management maturity using Prosci’s new Change Management Maturity Model™ Audit tool
  • Completed the Current State assessment of Project ECM, including an analysis of; 12 help or hinder factors, how changes happen, and a people side analysis of support for change management
  • Created a Project ECM Vision Statement and drafted both the technical side components and people side components for the Future State for Project ECM
  • Determined initial activities for the Technical Side (project plan) of the Transition State, covering the areas of Leadership, Project, Skill, Structure and Process for each of the Getting started, Building momentum and Sustaining timeframes, of Project ECM
  • Completed an initial ADKAR® analysis and organizational checklist for the People Side of the Transition State (change management plan), as well as a determination of immediate action steps based on your Prosci® PCT™ assessment results
  • Completed an ECM Best Practices checklist
  • Identified your next steps for the short, medium and long-term
  • Explored the new online ECM Roadmap application that you will using to determine your strategy and tactics for Project ECM going forward


ECM Boot Camp Workbook – Participants receive the ECM Boot Camp workbook that includes benchmarking research excerpts, program activities, additional information appendices and the full program slide deck.

ECM Roadmap – Participants receive a license to Prosci's ECM Roadmap application, an online step-by-step tool to guide you through the real work of Project ECM. ($479 value)

Prosci® Change Management Maturity Model™ Audit – Participants receive 3 months subscription access to the Change Management Maturity Model™ Audit.  ($90 value)

To Register - Call 1.888.822.3776

Registration -  includes breakfast, lunch, breaks,  CMMM Audit access, ECM Roadmap license and most recent best practices in ECM, Prosci Canada Executive Facilitation to help guide you in building your framework for project ECM.

8:00AM:  Continental Breakfast
8:30AM:  Kick-off
12:30PM:  Lunch
5:00PM:  Finish

For more information contact 

1.888.822.3776 or email

Nearly Full
$999 + Tax

Program Costs

  • Registration

    Includes breakfast, lunch, breaks, CMMM Audit access, ECM Roadmap license and most recent best practices in ECM, AdPro Executive Facilitation to help guide you in building your framework for project ECM.


    8:00AM:  Continental Breakfast
    8:30AM:  Kick-off
    12:30PM:  Lunch
    5:00PM:  Finish

    Cost: $999 + Tax

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