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What is the Prosci Methodology

The Prosci Change Management Process is a planned, systematic approach designed to take the organization through three distinct phases – preparing for change, managing change and reinforcing change.

The Prosci Change Management Process is based on best practices research from over 4500 change agents worldwide that lends huge credibility and support to its change management methodology. It has been heralded as the “best-of-the-best” by end-user organizations that find the methodology to be:  

  • Comprehensive – as it addresses the change at all levels within the organization, from the top executives to the front-line employees.

  • Proactive – as it prepares the organization to anticipate resistance before it arises and assess gaps in ability.

  • Simple – as it is easy to apply within the organization. The variety of tools, assessments, templates, checklists provide the user with 1) a step-by-step approach throughout the process 2) a framework for evaluating progress.

  • Integrative – as it is designed to integrate with Project Management.

  • Customizable – as it allows the organization to scale their change management effort according to the size and complexity of the change.


Prosci Certification is offered through these public programs across North America as well as through client on-site programs.

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